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Tensile structure technology has advanced enormously in the last 50 years, driven by the development of durable, high strength architectural fabrics. Osborn Consulting has been heavily involved with this area of knowledge in general, and membrane structures in particular, and the company’s engineers have developed a great depth of experience in the area.


Within Osborn Consulting’s design office, these structures are divided into two types: architectural tensile structures, and agricultural/commercial hail and sun protection structures. While the laws of physics that govern the behaviour of both types of structure are constant, the distinction is found in the purpose of the structure and what our clients hope to achieve with it.


Osborn Consulting offers the whole range of services associated with these structures, including design, fabric patterning, cable and hardware detailing and steel shop detailing. Our staff are familiar with the requirements of the different fabric types from teflon coated fibreglass through facade mesh to knitted hail net. As well as having designed these structures in all states of Australia, Osborn Consulting has also designed membrane structures in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Lebanon, Italy, England, the United States of America, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand.


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