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Bridge Engineering

Within Osborn, the Bridge Management and Engineering stream provides engineering and asset management support for clients managing structural assets that support the effective functioning of the transport network, including bridges, culverts, causeways, retaining walls, and large sign supporting structures. The team, led by Dr. Tim Heldt, Dr Neal Lake, and Josh Seskis, are passionate about supporting and empowering local government which is evident by their extensive involvement in IPWEA-QNT. To this end, Osborn offers several specialist services intended to support councils beyond those offered by conventional engineering consultancies. These include:

• Structure inspections, inhouse training, and system support.
• Development of levels of services for structures maintenance.
• Development of structure’s specific asset management plans.
• Heavy vehicles access management support.

Engineering Services
In addition to the specialist services mentioned above, Osborn Consulting Engineers can also offer a range of typical consulting service to assist with the management of a network of structures including:

• Bridge and culvert design.
• Detailed asset capacity assessment
• Repair/upgrade design and implementation.
• Concept and optioneering studies.
• Procurement and contract management

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