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Osborn Consulting has extensive knowledge in horticultural, agricultural and asset protection structures. We have a strong technical and operational understanding of protection infrastructure developments. We have decades of protected cropping, cattle and asset design experience and we have successfully led the design of intensive high technology horticultural building (greenhouse) developments throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific.


A research program undertaken by Osborn Consulting in conjunction with Netpro Protective Canopies and James Cook University investigating structural wind actions on large net canopies has been undertaken and allows for efficient and effective canopy structures that are suitably designed for relevant wind speeds. 


Osborn Consulting and its external Consultant Team pride itself in the knowledge we have obtained in the areas of structural and civil design, council building compliance, fire engineering solutions and efficient designs for intensive horticultural developments that assist in ensuring cost effective design, construction and operation of a protected cropping facility.


Osborn Consulting developed the ‘Greenhouse Construction and Safe Operations Toolbox’ with RMCG in 2016 to provide general assistance to growers for new protected cropping developments. The Toolbox can be found at:


CSIRO Greenhouse, Black Mountain ACT

Quarantine Greenhouse

Croudace Greenhouses International Pty Ltd engaged Osborn Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd to provide structural framing design, slab & foundation design & certification for a high technology quarantine greenhouse project for CSIRO at Black Mountain in Canberra.

Osborn Consulting worked closely with Croudace Greenhouses to ensure structural and BCA compliance was achieved throughout all aspects of the project.

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Horticulture Innovation Australia

Technical Guidelines

Developing technical guidelines and best practice extension toolbox for greenhouse construction and safe operation.

Osborn Consulting Engineers collaborated with FERM Engineering, RMCG and Doyle’s Construction Lawyers to complete this project for Horticulture Innovation Australia. Marcel Olivotto of OCE worked with the client and sub consultants to complete the project in 2 parts over 12 months. In Part 1 of the project the team developed technical guidelines for greenhouses and grow structures for inclusion in the National Construction Code (NCC).  The toolbox fact sheets are available at


Western Sydney University, Richmond Campus

Quarantine Greenhouse

Croudace Greenhouses International Pty Ltd engaged Osborn Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd to provide structural foundation design and certification for a high technology quarantine greenhouse project for Western Sydney University’s Richmond Campus.


Osborn Consulting worked closely with Croudace Greenhouses and the Dutch greenhouse manufacturer to ensure structural and BCA compliance was achieved throughout all aspects of our scope.

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NetPro Livestock Protective Canopies

Shade System

NetPro Canopies engages Osborn Consulting to undertake design modelling, analysis and associated reports and certification for their canopy systems. NetPro’s Innovative Shade System has been developed using a selection of proprietary products (to NetPro) specifically for use as stock shade – generally used in intensive situations such as Feedlots. NetPro’s Sun Protection materials have also been used in the aquaculture and vermiculture industries.


The innovative Shade System design uses a network of tensioned wire-rope cables running in opposite directions, creating an overhead grid pattern. This allows “ blocks” of shade to be installed in almost infinitely variable combinations, which can be particularly helpful when feedlot pens are aligned in less than ideal directions relative to the sun’s path, or where there are pens of inconsistent size and shape.

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Low Technology Hooped Greenhouses

Tunnel Houses

Osborn Consulting undertakes design, analysis and certification of several leading Australian and New Zealand low technology hooped greenhouses. These structures provide end clients with a cost effective solution that can have yield advantages when compared to field grown produce.